How to Use

Our parasols are designed so they can easily be secured into the ground (where possible). Our parasols also fit most standard parasol bases - the diameter of our poles is 3.2cm, so check the base accommodates this. We also recommend a base that has a tightening function, and a weight of at least 15kg. 


Turn the central hinge a few turns to the left to loosen, this will allow you to move the pole into the desired position - if you turn the hinge too many turns to the left, it will come unattached, this is meant to happen and can easily just be put back on with a few turns to the right.

Once in the desired position, turn the central hinge to the right to tighten; ensure the hinge teeth have met correctly, and the hinge is fully tightened.

Once you have finished using your parasol for the day, close the canopy first, and then loosen the central hinge (turn to the left), fold the pole, and then tighten the hinge before putting the parasol into the carry bag.


The first few times of using the parasol, or if it hasn't been used for a while, the canopy is likely to be stiff to open and close.

To open, hold the pole with one hand, and pull the pole down whilst you use your other hand to push the canopy runner up, so both hands are forcefully pulling away from each other. It helps to hold the runner in the palm of your hand. The canopy runner should then click into place. If the canopy does not click into place, ensure the runner is in line with the button hole. Sometimes the button also needs a bit of help (a small push) to click into place. It also helps to turn the runner slightly, both left and/or right, when it is at the top of the pole, which then often allows it to click into place.

To close, hold the pole with one hand, and with the other hand hold the canopy runner button, and slightly push up and then use your thumb to push the button to release the canopy.
We quality check all of our parasols prior to dispatch, which includes ensuring they can open, and click into place. Therefore, if you are having trouble opening it, please follow all steps above.
In order to get the best out of your parasol, and to ensure safe use, it is really important that these care instructions are read and understood before placing your order. If you have any questions please contact us. 

By placing your order, you are agreeing to have read and understood the care and safety guidelines.